The SRP WC technology is composed of High Tech composite materials, which have not been used in ski construction until now. These materials are integrated into the structure and the mechanical stabilizer inserted at the apex of the Activa SRP plate. The stabilizer is made from the same material placed inside the structure. The combination of these elements and their placement in the ski has been laboratory-calibrated to enhance vibration damping capabilities at high speeds. The result is an ideal stability and responsiveness that provides the athlete with optimal precision on any type of terrain.


The SRP RC technology has been developed on the same concept as SRP WC. In the RC line, the High Tech material inserts are calibrated and positioned in specific parts of the ski to improve performance in off-piste skiing. The result is exhilarating maneuverability combined with extreme stability.


For GS-SL and RC skis, a double layer of Titanal is used, calibrated in terms of dimensions and profile. This construction allows for a combination of remarkable stability with excellent responsiveness, providing the ski with ideal fluidity and grip on all types of snow and terrain.


In downhill (DH) and super-G (SG) skis, we use three layers of Titanal that are calibrated and combined to achieve a high degree of torsional stiffness and great stability at high speeds and on uneven and steep terrain.

quick tip

We have developed this technology with specific goals in mind. This construction allows the ski tip to have a significant degree of longitudinal deformability while maintaining torsional rigidity. This results in a simpler and more immediate entry into turns, achieved with less energy expenditure and allowing for more precise trajectories.


This construction is based on the upper rounding of the sandwich structure, resulting in increased torsional rigidity during curve development, benefiting precision and effectiveness in handling, as well as excellent wear resistance.

inverted shape geometry

This technology has unique characteristics worldwide for our company. It is based on a particular sidecut that involves a narrower tip than the tail. The inverted geometry construction, which is consistently used by our Master athletes at the international level, has resulted in numerous titles. It allows for easy and quick entry into turns, along with improved propulsion and better support when exiting the turn. This enables more effective trajectories and superior performance in races.

safe guard

In slalom (SL) skis, special side protections are used at the tip level. The material used provides high resistance and helps limit damage from impacts with gates or poles.

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